Beauty Blues: Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Pack – tea tree and tulisi oils

While waiting for my fresh tilapia  on cue for cleaning in a grocery just at the ground floor of the building we are staying, I was browsing the racks of bath and facial stuff when I stumbled upon some tubes of Inatur Herbals face pack.  The product is made in India by Rising Sun Aromas and Spirituals whose range offers a variety of  skin, hair, facial and sun care botanical products.  There were three available types on shelf that day:

  • Pure Rose Face pack.  Intensively hydrates the skin to ensure optimum moisture level and provides essential nourishment
  • Sandal Face pack. Penetrates deep into the skin, removing impurities making it fairer.
  • Oil Control Face pack. Brings clear complexion by providing essential nourishment and by removing impurities. It also helps prevent acne and blackheads.  Contains tea tree oil, tulsi oil (Indian basil) and clove oil

The latter caught my interest so I can share it with Dennis, as we both have facial oil problems from time to time. I bought the small tube for AED 8.50 (USD 2.37) for the 50ml tube.  Planning to try it on this weekend.

I gave it a try last night.   I washed my face with LÓreal Facial Scrub and made sure that oil and impurities were washed away.  Kept my face wet and started the application.  The mud comes in a plastic tube, soft to squeeze but really hard to get the product out of it.  The mud is clay-like and I really had to struggle-squeeze-struggle and eventually successful to mask my face.

The scent is mild and reminds me of the hot Ayurvedic massage sessions I used to have.  It’s minty and herb-like infusion is soothing, friendly to the olfactory senses.  I felt the mud hardens and my skin a bit stretched.  After 15 minutes, I washed with warm water then followed with cold.  My face felt light and noticeably smooth.  Will still need to have few more tries to really see the results.  The product is recommended for use once a week.

Today, I asked my husband Dennis and sister Lhyn if they want to try the product.  They happily obliged 🙂

[Top: Dennis adds more face pack to Ate Lhyn’s face.  Bottom:  Dennis on left, Ate Lhyn on right]


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